Hi! We met at the Celtic fair in Sonora Saturday night. I bought a shirt and some Scotsman Beard Oil and let me tell you the stuff is working wonders. My beard has gotten much softer and the lady says she’s not kissing sand paper anymore lol! I will be buying more of the product, definitely, and the comb as well!!! Your YouTube videos really helped me out on how to take care of my beard and what not. I work in concrete all day so when I would get home and shower I was always putting shampoo in my beard. I stopped ever since I watched the tips video, and it’s looking and feeling way better!
Thanks again Gregory H.

I just wanted to let you know the progress of my beard. It is looking good and your oil brings out the color nicely and keeps it looking sharp. I also should let you know that I have referred quite a few people to your beard oil. Cheers! Andrew L

Hey, brother Roger, just submitted reviews for the Scotsman Beard Comb and Boar Bristle Brush… great products, both! First the comb, them beard oil and beard balm, then the brush, and the beard has never looked better! Thanks again for the great products, and you can consider me a customer for life! 

Thanks again Gregory H.

 I have been using your product since I was introduced to it. I have used it every day since, and have kissed itchy beard goodbye. I was so impressed I even bought my uncle a bottle for Christmas.

Thank you again.

Dustin F

Scotsman Beard Oil makes the best of my beard. I am not blessed with a thick, lush beard. Mine tends to be sparse and fine, with an odd bald line on one side. Your beard oil allows me to have a beard I can smile at in the mirror.

-Drew W.

Your beard oil has changed my life!  My beard looks better, it’s soft and my face feels better — no itching– and I love the smell of the oil.  It seems like my beard gets healthier and looks better every day.  I have always liked having a beard, but I get tired of the itch and wild-look so I end up cutting it off.  Now, my beard is here to stay– thanks to you.
I purchased a large amount of oils and I will be giving some samples away to my bearded friends so they can experience this greatness as well.

I’m the guy that worked for Scottish Parliament and we met this past weekend. Sorry for not getting around to replying till now. It’s been a hectic week!  Anyway, I love the products and the beard oil has really helped with the beardruff and itchiness issues I had prior.